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At the Center of Mission and Technology

Booz Allen partnerships span the technology stack so we can transform every layer—from infrastructure to the end user. We are focused on the trusted deployment of advanced industry capabilities to enable, differentiate, and expand mission systems.

Our partnership ecosystem is built to anticipate and serve our clients’ present and future needs:

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The Best from Across Industry

A diverse chorus of trailblazers, our partners include Silicon Valley startups, Fortune 500s, specialized small-and-medium-sized companies, and veteran, woman, and minority-owned businesses. From category leaders in digital and immersive to 5G and artificial intelligence (AI), the range of our network empowers us to reach across industry and architect trusted mission systems from boundary-pushing, best-in-class components.

Accelerating Speed to Mission

Using modern DevSecOps and cloud-native principles, we collaborate with partners on mission-tailored development and delivery. The agility that comes with being able to select from the best technologies and work jointly with industry to shape, prototype, and test solutions helps to radically reduce development timelines, so our clients can quickly bring on new capabilities and then continuously fine-tune to evolving user and mission needs.

Advanced Access to Tools and Prototypes

Our premier partnerships provide developers and engineers access to custom training programs, resources, and prototypes—so our workforce is certified and equipped to leverage emerging capabilities with fluency and ease. Maintaining a two-way flow of continuous innovation and collaboration, Booz Allen’s mission expertise also informs and improves partner products and services for optimized integration into evolving federal IT environments.

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Booz Allen is working with AWS Outposts to bring cloud tools to the edge of the mission, for data processing and decision making at the speed of relevance.

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Defense organizations increasingly use cloud innovations to improve operations and mission outcomes. But certain workloads need to remain on premises when data sovereignty matters, when every millisecond counts, or when large volumes of data need to be processed locally and within precision. Together, RWC outposts and Booz Allen allow command and control planners and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance analysts to use SWC cloud tools no matter where their data sits. Virtually any on premises. We Devsecops platforms can leverage US services locally on outposts and use services in the US region for a consistent hybrid experience. This allows warfighters to build, test and integrate applications and rapidly deploy production ready instances across multiple security environments. Data is discoverable, accessed, stored and processed wherever it's needed so that the C2 ISR units can deliver positive secure outcomes at scale. In partnership with Booz Allen, DOD organizations can fully leverage U.S. outposts at the speed of relevance to push decision making to the tactical edge. 

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