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Fueling Technology to Change the World

Established in 2022, Booz Allen Ventures invests in early-stage technology poised to transform mission outcomes for the public sector. 

As a strategic investor, we are hyper-focused on accelerating private sector software innovation and capabilities positioned to disrupt the federal technology market. Through our venture capital fund, we aim to jumpstart the development and deployment of new solutions for critical mission applications.

In addition to investment funds, founders gain access to Booz Allen’s decades of experience as one of the largest and most trusted solutions providers to federal agencies. Collaborating with our executive team and leading engineering talent empowers startups to reduce technology risks, identify near-term applications, and achieve fluency in the federal marketplace. This unique partnership translates into faster access to emerging technologies for the agencies we serve across sectors and missions.

To the Field, Faster

“As global threats shift and become increasingly advanced, our clients need new technical advantage to outpace them. Booz Allen Ventures is committed to significantly decreasing the time to adoption for the technologies that will create this competitive edge—providing federal organizations access to game-changing innovation.”

Investing on the Front Lines of Mission Impact

Booz Allen Ventures seeks out emerging solutions that demonstrate clear potential to be deployed in the field where our clients need them most. 

With an inherent aim of generating mission outcomes, we back founders who are innovating at the center of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), cybersecurity, and core areas to advance Joint All-Domain Command and Control technologies. Our focus is on early-stage companies (Seed, Series A, and Series B) where we can provide technical and strategic support, client and contract access, and where there is potential to build joint intellectual property as part of a far-reaching collaboration with our engineering and client teams.

Spotlight Investments

To date, we have invested in technology startups that dramatically streamline and transform how federal agencies carry out critical processes which are central to their missions. To increase speed to deployment, and eliminate traditional barriers to moving research and development out of the lab and into the field, our team connects startups with Booz Allen's developers, skilled in delivering innovation for mission impact.

Explore some of the organizations we partner with today.

Improving ML with Latent AI

Latent AI

Latent AI’s tinyML technologies will help reliably use ML at the edge—increasing the operating speed of complex algorithms in low-compute, low-power environments. This innovation enables our clients to gain decision advantage with small form-factor devices such as Android Tactical Assault Kits (ATAK). Latent AI’s developer tools allow for ML to be deployed to processors as small as microcontrollers.

Scaling Synthetaic’s RAIC Platform


Synthetaic’s advanced technologies dramatically streamline the process of labeling geospatial, video, image, and other types of data through its proprietary Rapid Automatic Image Categorization (RAIC) platform. By eliminating cumbersome manual tasks, the platform enables engineers to deploy object detection algorithms for rare objects in minutes through the use of generative AI and unsupervised learning in a seamless AI pipeline.

Reveal Technology’s Drone-Powered Mapping

Reveal Technology

Reveal Technology’s Farsight software facilitates data streaming from drones to ATAK devices. Users can rapidly process data at the edge and create detailed two-dimensional and three-dimensional (3D) maps that depict terrain, roads, and structures. By turning full-motion video into shared 3D mapping with layered analytics, Reveal Technology’s capabilities dramatically increase insight per megabyte to improve situational awareness on the mission front lines.

Hidden Level's Counter UAS Technology

Hidden Level

Hidden Level’s passive sensing technology of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for high-interference environments, supports global defense missions that operate in information-driven conflict spaces across warfighting domains and at the tactical edge. This passive aerial monitoring technology delivers real-time airspace visibility, detects silent airborne threats, and informs critical countermeasure opportunities.

Credo AI's Responsible AI Platform

Credo AI

Credo AI, the pioneer of a responsible artificial intelligence (AI) platform, enables context-driven, comprehensive, and continuous governance, oversight, and accountability of AI. Credo AI enables organizations to create AI with the highest ethical standards to leverage the technology’s significant benefits while mitigating unintended negative consequences.

Shift5: The Onboard Data Company


Shift5, the onboard data company that brings order to the complexity of onboard data, provides observability, critical insights, and cybersecurity protection to the world’s most critical commercial and military fleets and weapon systems.

Frequently Asked Questions


Booz Allen Ventures taps into America’s collective ingenuity by investing in software, hardware, and emerging tech startups that are developing differentiated technologies with applications to our platform strategy needs and client use cases.

How does Booz Allen Ventures identify startups to invest in?
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We invest primarily in Seed, Series A, and Series B stage U.S.-based startups with mission-driven founders and strong technical teams working on innovative products that can improve the speed and scale with which we support our federal clients’ mission capabilities.


We are primarily focused on technologies aligned with DOD’s JADC2 efforts and the firm’s digital battlespace vision, artificial intelligence/machine learning, cybersecurity, and deep tech. We back founders building technologies with mission-specific applications that demonstrate clear potential to outperform the industry standard.

Booz Allen Ventures allows us to use our existing Tech Scouting capability sources to recommend technology companies for our federal clients, providing a unique source of deal flow and insight, and enables Booz Allen to gain upside potential from our promising startup partners.

Are there geographic requirements for Booz Allen Ventures—for example, a requirement to invest in U.S. companies only?
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Yes, there are requirements for this. All Booz Allen investments will go through a rigorous financial and legal due diligence process to make sure we are not investing in companies that may have ties with foreign adversaries.

How do you help companies once you invest in them?
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Leveraging the unique scale and reach of Booz Allen, Booz Allen Ventures helps companies identify and execute various federal opportunities through executive sponsorship, teaming agreements, marketing, co-development, and compliance support.

  1. Executive Sponsorship: For each deal Booz Allen Ventures invests in, we find a Booz Allen executive to support the investment case. This executive sponsor serves as an advisor to the company, connecting the company with opportunities and offering guidance about the relevant market
  2. Teaming Opportunities and Access to Federal Contracts: The most important aspect of value creation through Booz Allen Ventures is helping portfolio companies win federal revenue. Booz Allen Ventures helps companies in the near term by finding subcontracting opportunities where they can support existing efforts for a client and in the longer term by proposing teaming agreements for various proposals.
  3. Marketing and Conferences: Public announcements and promotions of our strategic investments are mutually beneficial to the startup and to Booz Allen, driving interest and demand.
  4. Co-Development and Software Purchases: In some cases, Booz Allen teams may co-develop products with our portfolio companies. In other cases, Booz Allen developers may outright purchase software licenses to access a portfolio company’s technologies.
  5. Compliance Related to Authorities to Operate and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program: Booz Allen Ventures can help our venture-backed partners more quickly achieve the security requirements necessary to work with federal clients.

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