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Understanding the Capabilities of Modern Quantum Computers

A plain-language summary of some of our recent quantum research.

Examples of QIST Domains

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Quantum algorithms excel in previously intractable problem spaces, potentially accelerating new and emerging analytics pipelines, enabling the design of new materials, and eliminating bottlenecks in critical government and business processes. Quantum computing includes the development of hardware, as well as software and algorithms. 

Quantum Communications

Quantum Communications

Quantum communications technologies provide novel approaches to transmitting and securing information. Communication equipment that leverages quantum mechanics may generate new ways of rapidly distributing critical information and signals. Quantum communications also includes post-quantum cryptography, the development of classical algorithms which can secure our data from future quantum algorithms.

Quantum Sensing

Quantum Sensing

Quantum mechanics unlocks the potential for sensor resolution and range beyond what is traditionally possible. This enables far-reaching impacts like increased precision navigation and timing in GPS-denied situations and the discovery of celestial bodies via measuring gravitational waves. Quantum sensing studies not only how to make new quantum sensors, but also how to leverage quantum sensors for use in quantum computing and communications. 

“At Booz Allen, we work with our clients to identify and understand how quantum technologies will impact their missions by transcending barriers in information collection, communication, and processing that were once considered absolute.”

Why Is Quantum Strategically Important?

Quantum technologies are expected to propel dramatic leaps in computational capability, important advances in sensor design, and new strategies for accurately communicating quantum information. These increased measurement and processing capabilities would catalyze revolutionary advancements in nearly every industry and discipline—national security, communications, healthcare, materials engineering, manufacturing, and finance sectors all stand to gain.

Through legislation and executive action, the federal government is working to ensure U.S. leadership in QIST and several commercial sectors are responding to the call. Organizations across industry are rallying together to test hardware, design software, and support applied research into how quantum will affect their fields. Booz Allen is committed to supporting this work. We help our clients understand how quantum technologies will impact their missions and businesses, and how early investment can secure future advantage. It is pivotal to begin this planning today to ensure that organizations are ready to leverage the technology to its full potential with first-mover advantage. We can provide customized quantum support to your organization, federal agency, or national laboratory. 

Advancements in QIST are challenging our understanding of what future computing, communications, and sensing technologies will look like and have compelling potential implications across the government and private sectors. Continued dedication to furthering QIST, as well as proactive moves toward information security in a quantum-enabled world, is key to building the partnerships and knowledge the United States needs to embrace these exciting technologies as they continue to mature.


What Kinds of Problems Really Require Quantum Solutions?

A plain-language summary of our recent research into where and how quantum solutions will be truly advantageous.  

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst: Preparing for the Quantum Threat

Quantum computing has received a significant amount of attention thanks to a few demonstrations of quantum computational supremacy—an experimental demonstration of a quantum algorithm on quantum hardware that is able to do something not possible on today’s computers. 

However, we are unable to talk about the benefits of QIST without acknowledging the cyberthreat it will pose. Quantum computers will threaten how businesses secure critical data due to their ability to solve the difficult math problems that are the basis for some modern encryption standards. Additionally, the unprecedented ability of quantum sensors and quantum communications may require us to rethink other aspects of information security. 

Luckily, we do not have to wait for a full-scale quantum computer to start protecting critical data from the threats it presents. Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) is the use of current algorithms to secure our data from future, quantum computers. Government entities, led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), are already in the process of choosing the best PQC standards for future cybersecurity. At Booz Allen, we know that transitioning to new cybersecurity standards is no easy task. Transition planning and migration timelines will require unique, business-specific strategies to ensure the continued security of data when quantum computers capable of decrypting the current standards arrive. We engage with clients on all aspects of preparing for this transition, from the identification of assets of highest priority to transition to PQC to the testing of PQC algorithms in sandbox environments. 

Our Quantum Services

Quantum Strategy

Quantum Strategy

We understand the dynamics of the quantum science and technology fields, as well as their intersection with other critical, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. We combine our knowledge and expertise from these many fields to understand the advantages within different mission areas and business applications, as well as the timelines on when specific advances can be expected. 


PQC Strategy: Data Discovery
Identify data sources and business-sensitivity levels used across organizations to prioritize transition strategy.

PQC Strategy: Crypto-Inventory
Assess the lifecycle of cryptography used, availability of algorithms, and policy governing the cryptographic lifecycle.

Quantum Technical Expert Support

Quantum Technical Expert Support

We combine decades of client mission experience with rigorous, research-informed quantum expertise. This uniquely positions us to help our clients evaluate their own research and hardware at a deeply technical level, as well as to identify research gaps, and advise on future research priorities and needs. 




PQC Expert Support: Crypto-Agility

Define a methodology to rapidly integrate new algorithms, allowing organizations to manage (e.g., find, monitor, change, update, retire) the cryptography in your systems and applications.

Quantum Research & Development

Quantum Research & Development

Basic and applied research drive downstream growth in cutting-edge technologies, including quantum. Our knowledge of this domain is driven by our own in-house research and our deep academic expertise. We actively engage in novel research and technical developments in quantum information science, making our team uniquely qualified to assist our clients with their own research.


PQC Research: Prototype Applications 
Test PQC candidate algorithms on mission-relevant use cases to assess network and performance impacts to prepare infrastructure and begin coordination with vendors.

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The federal government has mandated multiple agencies to support research and development in quantum sciences and technology and to develop programs for growing the future quantum workforce. 

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