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Edge Cloud Use Cases

Quantum Computing

Space Exploration

Real-time analysis of data generated by space assets to accelerate research, protect against physical and cyber threats, and enhance human performance.

Quantum Communications


Telemedicine, training, monitoring of physiological and cognitive load, and maintenance support deliver solutions to warfighters and civilians where needed.

Quantum Sensing

ISR at the Tactical Edge

Scalable and reliable edge cloud solutions are ready to receive, process, and disseminate intelligence to support the mission when connectivity is unreliable.

Quantum Computing

DevOps to Edge

Streamline application deployment to the tactical edge, eliminating manual operations and maintenance activities in disconnected environments.

Quantum Communications

Mission Resilience

Distribute redundant cloud capacity locally to continue business and mission operations when communications and regional services fail.

Quantum Sensing

Edge AI

Offload AI inference models from edge sensors to increase computational power and extend the duration of the mission and achieve results faster.

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