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For more than a century, Booz Allen has helped move critical missions forward. From accelerating the future of global defense, healthcare, and climate science to catalyzing intelligence breakthroughs and advancements in outer space, we deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. At The Helix, Booz Allen’s Center for Innovation, we demonstrate, in new ways, how our deep experience at the intersection of mission and technology helps the U.S. government solve its most demanding challenges.

“The Helix is our growth strategy come to life. An immersive showcase of our transformative tech, innovation ecosystem, people, and values, The Helix demonstrates the collective ingenuity we bring to every mission.”

Booz Allen & Helix Center for Innovation

We invite you to explore The Helix

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Welcome to the Helix, Booz Allen's Center for Innovation where mission and technology intersect. The Helix is an immersive environment designed to help our customers and partners harness the power of emerging technology to solve their hardest challenges. Hands on experiences, mission stories and interactive demonstrations show how partnering with Booz Allen unlocks a global ecosystem of talent and state of the art solutions in artificial intelligence, edge computing, quantum and 5G. Come experience the power of tomorrow, today. At the Helix, Booz Allen's Center for Innovation. 

Immerse yourself in emerging technology to solve mission challenges

Hands-on demos


Dive into hands-on demos and interactions to help you win the 21st-century technology race




Experience the tools


Experience tools for real-world decision advantage across global defense, national security, and climate intelligence 



Explore Transformative technology


Explore transformative technology that assists citizens today and powers the digital government of tomorrow



At The Helix, your curated innovation experience can include several immersive environments.

The Helix Grand Opening November 2022

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Good evening and welcome to the Helix. The Helix Center for Innovation is Booz Allen's new place to showcase our transformative technology. It's going to be an ongoing experience for our clients  where they can potentially see something new every time they come in and learn about a new technology. We are trying to fuse in this space technology and people to drive real adoption to go beyond the prototype to real impact on the mission. 

Center for Innovation

A groundbreaking, immersive showcase of innovation, the Helix is home to simulations, product demonstrations, and hands-on activations demonstrating Booz Allen’s work and thought leadership across technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, cyber, space, tech scouting, digital twin, edge computing and much more.

The Rotunda

The Rotunda’s 220-degree, floor-to-ceiling screen engages you with powerful case studies of successes in AIdigital twinsEpiMaps, our Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy, and JADC2. Join us here for special events like fireside chats.

The AI Adoption Studio

Located in The Helix, the AI Studio inspires you to become an AI champion through diverse mission stories, gamified interactions, and immersive experiences of leading-edge AI development tools, capabilities, and use cases to accelerate your mission.

The Virtual Center

Complementing your in-person visit is a three-dimensional online experience that highlights transformative technology capabilities and includes a space for virtual live events. You can also take a stand-alone digital tour.

The Digital Library


A searchable collection of nearly 100 impact stories, thought pieces, interactives, and videos, the Library offers a deeper look at our technical capabilities, values, and people.


Meet Us at The Helix

Join us to discover the innovations we deliver to advance the nation’s most critical missions in defense, national security, space, healthcare, and citizen services. We customize tours to address your unique mission needs and challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I visit The Helix?
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The Helix is an invitation-only experience led by Booz Allen team members, and we curate each visit to match your unique interests and mission needs. To get started with an in-person or virtual tour, please request a visit.

Who can visit The Helix?
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We purposefully designed The Helix’s in-person and digital spaces to illustrate the diverse, impactful work we do across all sectors and clients. We are excited to host our U.S. government and commercial clients, partners, investors, and media for tours. The Helix will also host events such as thought leadership panels, hackathons, emerging technology demos, and fireside chats.

What can I expect to see and do at The Helix?
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With more than 30 unique activations, capability demos, and interactive experiences, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore and learn. Once you’ve requested a visit, our team will work closely with you to determine the most relevant experience and custom-create a tour specifically for you. Most tours are 1 hour and are led by members of The Helix as well as Booz Allen AI experts, with many options to dive into our transformative technology and mission success stories.


The Helix experience includes these activations and many more:

Where is The Helix located?
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901 15th St NW 1st Floor, Washington, DC 20005

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Meet the Helix Team

Melissa Lazarofsky

Helix Director

Jess Reinhardt

AI Adoption Studio Technical Lead

Layla Masri

Creative Director

Allie Miller

Customer Experience Lead

Nala Bailey

Digital Content Developer

Tyler Bryant

Communications and Virtual Helix Lead

Lynn Genovese

Programming and Events

Ian Penfield

Operations and Partnerships Lead

Kelly McCann

Product Design

Cheng Miao


Erin Stitt

Event Coordinator

Erin Biddle

AI Studio Docent

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Interested in learning more about The Helix, scheduling a tour to explore the space, or showcasing Booz Allen’s innovation in your media outlet?



The Helix - Center for Innovation

901 15th St NW 1st Floor, Washington, DC 20005