Scalable, Enterprise AI

Develop and deploy AI, at speed and scale, with Booz Allen’s innovative lean manufacturing inspired approach.

Building Scalable, Flexible and Explainable AI Systems with aiSSEMBLE

As clients address the challenges of integrating, evolving, and rapidly scaling new and emerging AI capabilities, Booz Allen partners and assists clients with the transition from idea to impact with aiSSEMBLE™ to achieve high-impact, enduring results. aiSSEMBLE™ offers you:

  • A shorter timeline for standing up new AI projects
  • The ability to start small and grow big with an executable architecture
  • Lower operations and maintenance costs
  • The flexibility needed to future-proof your solution by replacing tools as needed
  • An explainable, transparent solution that delivers mission-specific outcomes

aiSSEMBLE in Action: Solution Blueprint, Baseline, Fabricate, and Delivery

Operationalizing AI

aiSSEMBLE™ Methodology and Benefits

When you work with Booz Allen, aiSSEMBLE™ is set into motion so you realize system quality and performance benefits as quickly as possible. First, we assess your unique mission needs, existing solutions, and operating constraints. Then we identify the appropriate patterns and prefabricated components to meet your unique requirements. Our engineers finally layer in mission logic and use modern software delivery techniques to optimize your AI system for cloud, on-premise, and edge environments. We focus throughout the process on meeting you where you are in your AI journey and supporting you with a solution fully customized to meet your mission requirements.

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