Booz Allen’s Digital Battlespace delivers smart mission solutions to empower a truly joint force.

Digital Battlespace

Integrated tech for C4ISR and warfighters at the edge

Digital Battlespace solutions speed the decision cycle by delivering smart technologies to empower a truly joint force.

We build modular, scalable, flexible solutions to seize decision advantage faster. Working with the Department of Defense (DOD), we create mission systems that are open, integrated, and smarter—from enterprise to edge.

Our solutions focus on addressing DOD’s most vital challenges in three key areas:

Gain the advantage of our integrated mission expertise, innovative partnerships, and technical talent for mission success. Using truly open architectures and government-owned APIs, we keep DOD in control of its data, insights, and analytics—allowing the U.S. and its allies to know, act, and win faster.

Our Mission Areas

Command, Control, and Communications (C3) and Battle Management

Booz Allen focuses on automating and advancing command, control, and communications across the DOD and its coalition partners, accelerating the kill chain and enabling speed and effectiveness for the mission. 

Explore the key principles of modernizing C2 systems for the Army, Air Force, and joint forces.

Providing multidomain integration for tactical command and control

Modular Detachment Kit (MDK)

Learn about how MDK enables machine-to-machine data exchanges and multidomain integration for tactical C2 to increase situational awareness and enable faster decisions for commanders

Modular, scalable system for command and control enhances data sharing

New C2 Tech Enables Rapid Decision Making, Response

Booz Allen’s modular, scalable system enables operators and warfighters to quickly share C2 data from dispersed locations

Data dominance for a unified force

Mission Partner Environment

Booz Allen's flexible, scalable solution accelerates trusted global collaboration—empowering warfighters to know, act, and win at the speed of battle

Debunking common misconceptions about a JADC2 enabler

What "Network-Centric" to "Data-Centric" Really Means

Learn how changing from “network-centric” to “data-centric” command-and-control networks will enable JADC2

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Electronic Warfare

Booz Allen drives solutions for the DOD’s biggest challenges in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and electronic warfare (EW) through sensor innovation and modernization of data infrastructure.

Paving the way to accelerate defense capabilities

Enabling Speed to Integration for C4ISR

One of the most critical areas requiring faster modernization is C4ISR—learn how to further that goal

Continuous innovation and integration

Distributed Common Ground System: One Agile Mission System

Learn how we partnered with the Air Force to consolidate and modernize the DCGS, building out its open architecture to accelerate ISR to give warfighters superior situational awareness

Innovation in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Electromagnetic Spectrum, the DOD, and Your Ideas

How to understand EMS and the Secretary for Defense Superiority Strategy’s Implementation Plan

Artificial intelligence and edge analytics for JADC2

Why DOD Needs an Integrated Data Fabric Now

Learn how an integrated data platform connects sensors to shooters across all domains and services to empower JADC2 and ABMS

Warfighter Systems and Human-Machine Teaming

Booz Allen supports the needs of dismounted warfighters and their manned and unmanned supporting assets at the tactical edge. Our solutions turn the warfighter and squad into a fully integrated combat platform to collect and analyze data at the edge—and deliver actionable insights, increasing the lethality and survivability of warfighters and their teams.

Learn how to speed military operations, empower human-machine teams, enable edge operations, and improve performance.

Tactical communications and lethality at the edge

Digital Warrior: The Warfighter as a Connected Platform

Discover how to increase situational awareness and bring transformational capabilities to warfighters on the front lines

Reducing danger, increasing awareness on the front lines

Human-Machine Teaming for Defense

See how robots and intelligent machines will increase survivability and lethality for frontline military teams

Empower the warfighter as a mission-adaptable platform

Smart Warrior Analytics Enable Faster Decisions

The Smart Warrior Analytics suite enables rapid decision making and ensures optimization of warfighter performance

How this enhances warfighting capabilities across strategic mission partners

Booz Allen Awarded $919 Million EDITS Contract

Booz Allen Hamilton announced it was awarded a performance-based task order, EDITS (Engineering, Development, Integration, and Technology-based Solutions), a research and development contract valued at $919 million.

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