SmartLift: Optimized, Accelerated Cloud Migration

Benefits of this Migration Framework

Based on more than 400 large-scale cloud migrations, SmartLift™ is designed to add clarity to a process that is historically complex and time intensive. Its framework solves for barriers that prevent organizations from purposeful cloud deployment:

  • Incomplete visibility into in-premises portfolios which increases risk of over-migrating and overspending.
  • Inability to anticipate the risks and technical dependencies, or to effectively sequence migration, which strains resources and reduces efficiency.
  • Lack of traceability and transparency throughout the cloud migration process, inhibiting resource management, progress tracking, and agility.

For organizations that are already operating in cloud-native environments, SmartLift™ offers an intelligent lens to review the portfolio with ongoing discipline. This allows an enterprise to continually identify opportunities for optimization through emerging multicloud and low code platforms.

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An Integrated Solution Powered By CAST Software Intelligence

Our extensive experience has shown us that migration success starts at the beginning—with a strategic and data-driven journey. Learn about how we’ve integrated CAST Highlight into our decision framework to prioritize milestones and migration options for complex application components.  

A seamless integration of CAST Highlight into SmartLift™ offers a cloud migration roadmap that’s fully aligned with an organizations’ business drivers and mission requirements. Together, we efficiently and automatically complete a code analysis of client applications—which could number in the hundreds. The resulting cloud readiness assessment data is then ingested by Bento’s data-driven decision framework. With a security-first approach, no source code is transferred in the process and the analysis is encrypted to meet the highest cyber regulations, standards, and best practices.

“Booz Allen Hamilton has integrated Software Intelligence to provide automated insight into the cloud maturity of each application in the target portfolio. Automation is an essential accelerator with proven results - reducing analysis time from 2 to 3 weeks to a few days.”

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