Cloud Migration and Deployment

Our Approach to Cloud Migration

It’s easy to find cloud migration plans focused solely on infrastructure technology. However, a narrow approach—and one that is not application specific—won’t work for most organizations, particularly those with a sensitive mission. Booz Allen is trusted to migrate, deploy, and manage the nation’s critical mission systems around the clock, ensuring that migration decisions are transparent, data driven, and designed for sustainability over time. 

From Roadmap to 24/7 Operations

Booz Allen partners with organizations to develop a custom roadmap toward cloud migration, design contemporary cloud-native architectures, and ultimately drive cloud migrations and operations as a managed services provider. We help navigate the economics of the cloud, so clients can decrease system downtime and reduce infrastructure costs.​

Purposeful, Automated Framework

Booz Allen has a repeatable cloud migration framework for clients to efficiently get complex application components prioritized, configured, and ready for the cloud. We examine the specific characteristics of each application—along with the data, functional, and mission needs across the portfolio—in order to deploy unique migration options, optimize technology and talent resources, and ultimately migrate purposefully to the most effective cloud architecture. 

Designed for the Future Mission

We use hardened containers and contemporary architectures to provide portability and future-proof your data and applications so they’re not locked into one cloud infrastructure over time. Our cloud solutions are designed to advance the future of work and the mission itself—to support larger datasets, conduct more complex analytics, and facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence.​

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with SmartLift™

SmartLift™ answers the when, what, and how of cloud migration.

Based on more than 400 large-scale cloud migrations, we’ve curated reusable tools and practices that automate significant aspects of deployment. Built with Booz Allen’s trusted and data-driven decision framework from Bento, and integrated with CAST Highlight, SmartLift™ accelerates the migration process with a comprehensive scan for cloud readiness so enterprises can prioritize, sequence, and address risks before moving complex infrastructures to cloud-native environments.

Combining deep cloud architecture expertise and best practices from years of client experience, SmartLift™ streamlines historically manual and inconsistent processes, to result in:

  • Up to 75% reduction in application portfolio assessment time
  • 40% reduction in annual hosting costs
  • Reduction of months to days by eliminating manual code reviews, validation, and data collection 

“Existing cloud migration solutions tend to focus on the infrastructure, which is not enough. SmartLift™ takes a portfolio approach with automated software intelligence that provides application-level detail at enterprise scale.”

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