Booz Allen Virtual Cloud Defense

Capability Packages

A Complete, Scalable Cloud Security Architecture

We offer multiple Booz Allen Virtual Cloud Defense capability packages with blueprints for deploying and configuring all the protection your applications require.

Essentials Package
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The Essentials package provides a foundation for security features such as:

  • In-line deep packet inspection
  • Application-aware inspection
  • Signature-based protections
  • Advanced network security services, such as Web application firewalls
  • Advanced encryption that protects data at rest, ensuring that cloud-stored information is secure with keys that you control.

Other Essentials package features include a security dashboard that provides operators with a real-time, consolidated view of their application enclave’s security posture.


These features and security protections form the baseline of a secure hosting enclave for Internet-facing or private applications.


Essentials can be deployed with or without high availability, depending on your budget and uptime requirements.


VCD Essentials is now available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace with end-to-end automated deployment that creates a secure, application workload ready environment in minutes. To get started with VCD Essentials, visit our listing on the AWS Marketplace.

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Advanced Package
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The Advanced package builds upon Essentials, focusing on management features that allow for more advanced application protection feature deployment.


The Advanced package also includes the deployment of a separate management enclave with advanced features including:

  • Advanced end-point protection
  • Automated patching
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Anti-malware
  • Privileged access management, which guarantees that only users with the proper privileges have access to the Booz Allen Virtual Cloud Defense infrastructure.

The Advanced package also includes basic reporting and analytics that provide security and event management capabilities. Security administrators can analyze and display aggregated security and audit data, as well as feed advanced security analytics to big data solutions.

Enterprise Package
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The Enterprise package builds upon the Advanced package, introducing additional features typically deployed in large-scale enterprise environments. The environment enables multi-tenancy, to include shared demilitarized zone (DMZ) network security services to protect both north-south and east-west traffic flows.

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