Managed Detection and Response

Core MDR Services

Why Booz Allen MDR

Deep Experience

Amplify your in-house team with industry practitioners who bring decades of experience defending large enterprises from nation-state attacks. Booz Allen’s U.S.-based 24/7 threat intelligence center focuses on rapidly identifying and containing today’s constantly evolving threats through proven tools and processes that counter attackers in real time.

Focus on Response

Stop the problem. Fast. Detection and analysis are important, but they mean nothing without the ability to contain and fully remediate threats. The NSA awarded Booz Allen’s Incident Response team with the ability to handle national security systems through their coveted CIRA accreditation.

Tailored Implementation

Booz Allen works alongside your existing operations to meet evolving security expectations. Our industry experts take the unique approach of connecting with business leaders to understand corporate goals first. This allows us to work together to determine what technological capabilities, systems, and processes are required to succeed.

Respond to Threats, Not Alerts

Reduce alert fatigue and improve security operations center (SOC) efficiency with validated threat notifications. Booz Allen's 24/7 threat intelligence center performs deep analysis on every alert, notifying only on confirmed malicious activity. Clients then leverage Booz Allen's real-world expertise until the threat has been fully uncovered and mitigated.

Patented Detection Framework

Prevent any business impact by using patented technologies purpose-built by industry leaders to rapidly expose and contain threats. The Booz Allen defense platform provides contextually rich, client-specific threat intelligence, malware reverse engineering, custom signature development, and blended detection engines to stop unknown and known threats.

Morphing Defensive Postures

The key to stopping determined attackers is to create defenses that are constantly changing. Booz Allen's threat intelligence organization provides the experience and skill needed to orchestrate changes across our clients’ entire set of cyber defenses in order to inflict the maximum impact on the attacker without impacting the business.


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