Not just raster graphics but illustrations are also a strong way to communicate thoughts and ideas. Illustrations can also convey ideas 

01  Infographics

To make complicated data easily understandable we use Infographics. Infographics are a way to present data/information in a creative manner.  

02  Icons

Icons are a way to present common action items. It symbolizes a command. Sometimes icons are used not just to attract a command but to attract a user’s eye for points which need special attention, like in a presentation.

03  Character

A small character illustration is a very effective way to promote a product. There are a lot of advertisements popular for their characters, for eg. vodafone – Zoo Zoo.


Recent work

– Business card, Logo

– Character Design

– Tshirt, Advertisement

– Illustration, Poster

– Logo, Website, Packaging

– Icons

– Infographic

– Vintage Infographic

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