Understanding Client Feedback

Understanding Client Feedback is one of the most important steps in the design process. This is something every Designer has to deal with. Once you are done with your designs, you have to submit these to the client.

After reviewing your designs, the client sometimes responds with something that is quite vague and not helping to improve. Something we need to remember before we go complaining about it is that our client is not a Designer. They don’t know your Design terms and how to give a good design critique. This is the reason they have hired you as a professional.

So you have to decide as a designer on their feedback and politely explain them on how to provide a better design critique for next time. All this sounds very difficult but I will try to make it simple through this blog. I will now list down three top vague feedbacks and try to figure out what they exactly mean.

Can you make the logo BIGGER?

When a client says this they generally mean that their brand is not coming across very clearly. It is understandable that their brand is the topmost priority, it’s their pride and the piece of design done by you is not getting instantly connected. Think over the critique and if you think that you cannot make the logo bigger because it will be out of balance or perhaps distract from the main message. Now comes the chance to explain to the client that Brand is not just a logo and is a lot bigger. The Brand comes across in the colors, the style of typography used, in the photographs and a lot of other design elements, not just the logo. All these things come together to make a piece look cohesive and on brand. If you have done your job right and all these things fall in place so the client does not have to worry because in any case, their brand will be coming across.

I think it needs to Pop more.

This one is very vague and the most popular. Remember not to react furiously and instead, here you need to ask some questions and understand the reason behind this comment. By this comment the client normally is worried that the design does not stand out in comparison to their competitors. Evaluate and make sure that your design does stand out and explain your thought process and that will ease their worries.

Sometimes along with this comment, the client asks to make too many things bold because they feel that all of the text is very important. Now is the time to explain to them that if you try to make everything bold and standout, nothing is going to stand out because there will not be any contrast and readers will not know which piece is important and which to look at first.

Everything needs to be above the fold.

This is typical feedback that you receive while working on website landing pages. The fold is the top section or the first half of the newspaper. In Websites world Fold is the screen that loads first when you browse a webpage before you have to scroll down. Often the client worries that the users don’t scroll so they want to put all the important information in above the fold so the user sees everything without doing anything immediately once the page loads. This is very difficult to achieve Firstly because there isn’t anyone fixed browser window size eg laptops, phones, tablets, etc. Also, it is very difficult to put all the information in the 500 pixels page because it will become very crowded, confusing and almost impossible for a user to read.

A solution to this one is convincing the client to accept that users do scroll once they visit a website page. Explain to them the user journey that you envision while designing this page and how they will interact with the website. Show them how you have designed the page that will encourage the user to read a little information and then scroll down to read more.

Don’t just roll your eyes if your client gives you such annoying feedback instead ask them some questions and explain your design decision.

If you want to list down some more examples of vague client feedback and want answers from me please let me know in the comment section below. I will try to solve them next time.

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