What is UI & UX Design?

When we talk about Design it is a very extensive stream and is not just restricted to Graphic Design. With time Product Design, UI Design, UX Design, and many other streams have become an exquisite part of Design.

UI and UX Design is being opted as a career option by a lot of Designers. Despite being a significant career option these days, there is still a lot of confusion in the minds of people who are not from this stream. Very often I receive calls from HR managers and employers, who are unfamiliar with the difference between the two and assume it to be as one.

UI refers to User Interface Design and UX stands for User Experience Design. Often the two terms are confused. They are not the same.

What is UI Design?

User Interface Design can be a part of UX Design but cannot be the same. UI Design is more of a process to make a product/screen/application visually beautiful and interactive. It is to design visual elements in accordance with the branding guidelines, making it interactive, adaptable with all screen sizes and making a product look visually more pleasing and presentable. UI works more with the look, interactivity, and responsiveness of a product/screen/application.

Coming to UX Design

User Experience is the process to improve the usability of a product/screen/ application. A good UX Design helps the customer to use a product with ease and pleasure thus improving interaction between the customer and the product. UX Design involves more responsibilities. It has to analyze the user, develop content, wireframe, prototype and finally test the product. UX Design can be completed successfully only if well coordinated with UI Designers and developers.

So both of these are interrelated but cannot be considered as one.

If I have to explain these two giving examples UI Design is what will be the design style of a button, a box or any other element appearing on the screen and on the other hand where the button will appear?, what will be the significance of that button?, what location the button will take us to ? such decisions are taken under User Experience.

I will be looking forward to questions if any in the comment section below. 

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