Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Designer

Being a Designer is more like a lifestyle for me. I live and breathe it and I am constantly getting inspired by what I am doing. If you wonder what it is like to work in the Design Industry, these are the top five reasons:


#1 The number one reason why I love being a Designer is to Bring Ideas to Life.

My job allows me to think differently and creatively. I start with conceiving an idea and then bringing my thoughts to reality. Seeing an idea progress through different stages of Design and then finally seeing it live into action is what makes me happy and content.


#2 Learning Constantly

The second reason why I love being a designer is that it helps me learn constantly. Every website I visit, every poster I get to see on the streets, every advertisement that I watch helps me learn. There cannot be anyone correct way to design something so everyone is always trying their own ways including myself. So we can learn from each other’s work when we share which is pretty cool. Every time I work I tend to pick up some of the other new skills like motion graphics or web designing.


#3 Art and Science

The design is a perfect mix of art and science. Good design involves both creative thinking and analytical thinking like testing a UI/UX. The design is not just about making things look nice and beautiful but it’s also about solving problems.


#4 People interact with your work

As a designer, you get to see people interact with your designs. Whether you see someone reading an e-magazine designed by you or using a website that has been designed by you, seeing your work into action is always motivating and satisfying.


#5 Finding it fun

I genuinely find Designing to be a fun activity. This is one such profession where you get paid for having fun and being creative. I absolutely love what I do so much that I do it in my spare time as well. It’s not actually every job that you can do this way. I love the fact that Design can be a hobby as well as a career and they can together work well.


These are the reasons why I love being a designer, now I would like to hear why you love your job so please share your reasons with me in the comments section down below.

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