The importance of Graphics Card in a Graphic Designer’s life

Graphics card plays a vital role in a graphic designer’s life. A computer user might not understand what a graphics card means or does but a graphic designer will surely know its importance.

Now, what is a Graphic card? 

A video card or a graphics card is computer hardware that is responsible to display an image on to your monitor. This is done by converting data into a signal that a monitor can understand.

A graphics card can be integrated or discrete. 

An integrated graphics card is built into the motherboard while a discrete graphics card is an additional graphics card plugged into the motherboard slot or a separate chip on the motherboard. While integrated graphics card uses a portion of a computer’s system RAM, a discrete graphics card is a separate system having its own RAM and processor for generating its images. 

Coming to the importance of a graphics card in a designer’s life. Better a graphics card, faster a computer runs. A computer or laptop with a better discrete graphics card will make an application work faster as it will put less pressure on a computer’s memory and CPU.

Now the question arises how this happens?

A computer’s processor is busy performing other tasks, so this happens through GPU – Graphics Processing Unit. A processor specialized for such calculations. This is sort of a brain of the graphics card and is responsible to create visuals that we see on the screen. GPU takes the data coming from the CPU and converts it into images. Thus, letting the main processor do its job and let the computer run at a full speed.

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