My Biggest Fear as a Designer

When I think of my biggest fear as a designer, the first thing that comes to my mind is my most recent design.

Some will think that my biggest fear would be what if my clients don’t pay me on time, or what if I lose my job, or what if computers take away a designer’s job.

But none of these are my fears. My Biggest fear right now is if I am competent enough to do what I am doing or my designs are not competent with respect to what other designers are doing. I believe it is very normal to feel impostor syndrome and I think if we never feel this syndrome then perhaps we are not challenging ourselves enough. I have been in this industry for more than seven years now and I just always feel that I should be better for the amount of time that I have been a designer. Especially when I am writing blogs and talking about Design. 

As I am doing more and more of this I start worrying more because I am opening myself to criticism and that I am not good enough to do this.

As more and more people check my designs instead of being happy, I start worrying more. It gives me a sense of responsibility to do justice to my profession and to my designs. I start focusing more on my projects and my skills.  I start trying to improve my skills by learning more. Honestly, I do this not to make someone happy or reach a certain milestone but because I want to be a leader in the design community. I know I am thinking far too much but I feel as a designer if I don’t think I don’t do it.

I strongly believe that if I as a Designer start feeling that I am the best and have learned enough, then is the time of my downfall. Till then I have scope to grow and reach where I want to reach.

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