Mistakes to be avoided if you are planning to become a Graphic Designer

Whether you are a fresh designer or have spent years in the industry there are a few common mistakes every Graphic Designer has made at some point of time. Below is the list that needs to be considered if you are planning to become a Graphic Designer:

1. Taking constructive feedback too personally

2. Not Understanding Instructions

3. Overthinking everything

4. Design for the client and not for yourself

5. Not asking for an upfront before starting a Project

6. Forgetting Comic Sans is obsolete

7. Not knowing the famous designers and their creations

8. Not following naming convention to name your files

9. Relying too much on spell check

10. Delivering without proof reading

11. Not sketching before designing

12. Using multiple fonts in one design

13. Using Photoshop filters

14. Not setting proper deadlines for projects

15. Not meeting the already set deadlines

16. Over-Promise Then Under-Deliver

17. Misusing Kerning in a not so pleasing format

18. Delivering wrong resolutions

19. Using RGB colors for print and CMYK for web

20. Using low resolution web images for printing

21. Not backing up files and loosing them at a later stage

22. Designing logos in raster format rather than vector

23. Not saving source files

24. Not learning keyboard shortcuts

25. Overdoing shadows, bevel and emboss

26. Loosing creativity, while trying to rely too much on Design Trends

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