How To Get Your FIRST Graphic Design Job?

Begin the SEARCH

Check for all entry level jobs and their description. The job description will say exactly what skills a qualified candidate should possess. This might not be your future job but it will help you prepare yourself for similar positions and will also give you an idea of how you should be presenting yourself.

Create a Portfolio

After looking for what kind of job opportunities are currently available in the market and what you want to apply for, start working on your portfolio. Your portfolio should match the well written job description that you searched. 

The employer does not want to know your personal history or see all whatever you have designed until now. The employer just wants to know and see whether you are a suitable candidate or not for a particular position or project. He wants to know what skills you already possess and what skills will be required to be imparted. 

Rather than getting obsessed over the design of the website, you should make a perfect decision of what is required to be portrayed on your portfolio. If you are not sure of what to put check the list that you created while reading the job description. Pick your portfolio items depending upon the list. For instance if they require someone with good typography skills, display a relevant example in your portfolio.


The first thing that comes to an applicants mind when he hears this word RESUME is a word document. Everyone who is looking for a job have a resume, but what is different for a designer? A designer should have a creative resume which reflects his skills and not just another word document 

Try to print your business card and stationery along with your resume. This might add an additional point to your candidature. 

Start applying for jobs

Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to start applying for the jobs. 

Getting the interview 

You might start getting interview calls in a span of a few days or weeks. 

Go to any interview that you’re invited to

There might be a few calls from employers you no longer wish to work with. Even then, you should go to an interview. This is one of the best ways to learn how to have a professional conversation with someone you don’t know. 

In The Interview

The first interview is always the most stressful, so prepare with friends and family for mock interviews and get feedback. Once you are in the interview act smart. Ask questions about the company, position and projects. Explain how your skills are beneficial to their company. Do thank the interviewer for his time as this will help the interviewer to remember you.

Job Offer

If everything had went well you will get a job offer from the company stating your duties, timings and salary that the company will be offering you. In excitement do not forget to negotiate and directly say Yes.

If it takes you a day or so to decide, the employers will not mind as he understands and respect the fact that it takes time to consider the conditions of employment.

To conclude,

Your first job will be a valuable learning experience and will help you understand about the various ways in which design is practiced. Also, whether soon or after a few years this experience will help you find your second job easily as by now you must have gained a clearer vision of how the industry works. 

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